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Key Teachings of the Prophet on the Benefits and Rewards of Learning and Reciting the Qur'an

Instructor: Shaykh Ahmed Hussein El Azhary

Course Overview

Imam Ahmed al-Arwadi, a great sage and a prominent scholar of the 19th century, compiled forty hadiths on the virtues of the Qur’an and the benefits and rewards of learning and reciting it. This course provides an explanation of these forty hadiths illustrating in detail the precious value of learning and teaching the Qur’an and highlighting the essential role of reciting the Qur’an in our daily lives as Muslims. 

Learning Outcomes

• Learn the key teachings of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) pertaining virtues of the Qur’an, the benefits of its recitation and the rewards of learning and teaching the Qur’an.

• Grasp the significance of reciting the Qur’an to our lives in this world and the Hereafter.

• Understand the necessity of teaching and learning the Qur’an for us as Muslims.

• Become informed about a great sage regarded as an authority of Hadith and his huge influence on many of the late scholars of Islamic sciences.

About The Instructor

Shaykh Ahmed El Azhary is a researcher in Islamic intellectual history and a teacher of Islamic traditional sciences. He’s currently a teacher of Hadith, Usūl, Logic and Kalam at Rawdatul-Na`īm under the supervision of Habib `Ali al-Jifrī; and at Madyafat Shaykh Ismaīl Sadiq al-`Adawī (RA), a prominent learning center by al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo.

Shaykh Ahmed studied Anthropology at American University in Cairo and received his training in Leadership Communication from Tulane University and The University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is also a life-long learner. He holds a diversified portfolio of almost 50 certificates in a variety of subjects – extending from Teaching Character and Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People to Complexity Theory, Model Thinking and Conflict Analysis.

Shaykh Ahmed began his journey of studying traditional sciences about 20 years ago. In addition to studying with scholars from al-Azhar, he had the privilege of studying with visiting scholars from Algeria and India in a one-on-one format, and was thus given an exceptional opportunity to study and discuss advanced-level texts of different sorts and over a long period of time. Shaykh Ahmed has more than 70 Ijazas from scholars from all over the Muslim world.

Beside a number of edited works about to be released in Islamic pedagogy, linguistics and Hanafi Usūl, Shaykh Ahmed has authored Rūh al-`Ilm – a treatise in the art of scientific investigation, based on a survey of roughly 200 traditional Islamic texts, and has been endorsed by Dr. Jamāl Fārūq, the Dean of Islamic Da`wah College at al-Azhar University and Dr. Ahmed Mamdūh, the Chair of Research Division at Dar al-Iftaa’ al-Masrīyah. Rūh al-`Ilm will be published by Tabah Foundation in the early of summer of 2019.

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What You Will Learn:

  • Distinguish between true religious knowledge that is beneficial and ostensibly religious knowledge that is not
  • Identify instances of the sins of the limbs (particularly those of the tongue)
  • Identify instances of the sins of the heart
  • Complete a regimen of protecting your tongue from sin
  • Improve your character with your teachers, relatives, friends, and strangers
  • Appreciate the spiritual value of good company

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