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This is a Level Two course in the Youth Curriculum.

It is a beautiful, short, but concise description of the meanings of the ninety-nine names of Allah based on Imam Sanusi’s text. Imam Sanusi was one of the greatest scholars in Islamic history. He is accepted as a rightly guided scholar and his works have been taught worldwide for centuries.

This course will help the student learn more about God and His Divine attributes. By learning about Allah and His names, you will come to love Him and yearn to worship Him. The Divine names allow us to become aware of the greatness of Allah and His matchless beauty.

The course will assist the student in connecting to God in a manner that allows them to reflect upon their character and see if it aligns with the Divine mandate. Learning about the ninety-nine names will allow a person to realize the meanings of perfection and how they can work towards the human qualities of perfection embodied in Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

This class is a good supplement to the Level One theology courses. This course will further clarify the belief of the Muslims concerning God and His Divine attributes. It provides a further explanation to a beginner regarding the reality of Allah. It will expand a person’s understanding of the essence of God as well as His attributes.

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About the text:

This text of Imam Sanusi will give the students an introduction and clear explanation of the Divine names of Allah, Most High. It is a succinct and brief work and is perfect for a simple yet sufficient text in guiding the student to understanding the Divine attributes of Allah. It is written by a master of this science and a brilliant scholar of Islamic theology. It helps the student to gain a deep understanding of the Divine Names and their implications.

This text is important for beginners and young Muslims because the ultimate achievement of existence is to truly know Allah. This text will help guide new and young Muslims who know the basics of Islamic beliefs but now want to expand their understanding of God and yearn to attain His love. This is a traditional text and very authoritative and most suitable for a beginner.

About the Author:

Abu Abdillah Muhammad ibn Yusuf al-Sanusi was born in the year 832 AH and passed away in 895 AH. He is regarded as one of the greatest theologians of the later period and his commentary on the Divine names is very appropriate.

He is known mainly for his works in the science of theology or creed (aqida). He is known for his book, “Umm al Barahin” or “The Essential Proofs” of creed.

Who is this course for:

  • This course is for youth ages 12 and up.
  • It is also suitable for new Muslims and beginners to Islam.
Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the meanings of every name of the ninety-nine names of Allah
  • Strengthen one’s faith through learning more about God
  • Develop certainty in the reality and greatness of Allah
  • Improve one’s supplication by using the appropriate Divine name
  • Improve your character by learning the effects of the names in your own life
  • Gain a deep understanding of what true belief in Allah entails

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