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Allah sends occasions to remind us of the ultimate reality of our existence. Whether natural events such as a solar eclipse, a dire need that drives us to seek guidance from the All-Knowing, or a mistake which impels us to seek Allah’s forgiveness—these all are opportunities to turn to the Divine through prayer and to form an intimate connection with Him.

This course will survey all of such ritual prayers (salah). Whilst compiled from major works of the Hanafi madhhab, these are not ’Hanafi prayers’; they are indispensable to any Muslim, as these prayers can be found in the works of other madhhabs or in the books of hadith. Students will gain a greater appreciation of the various occasions in which we are to turn to Allah in ritual prayer, and will learn the particular rites that are to be performed for each.

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Short Intro: This course provides guidance on occasional and voluntary prayers that a Muslim prays, such as the eclipse prayer, prayer of need, prayer of guidance, the night-vigil prayer, and more.
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About the text:

The course is based on the teacher’s own publication: "Prayers of Occasions: A Handbook of Muslim Salah (2010)".

This is a handbook of Muslim ritual prayers, compiled by the course instructor, with an illuminating preface by Sheikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller. It is organized into seven sections and comprises twenty-nine prayers.

lt provides a quick manual to making these prayers part of our daily practice throughout our lives.

The course will be delivered using slides, so access to the book is not necessary.

Who is this course for:
  • This course is suitable for all ages.
  • This course is particularly beneficial for anyone who wishes to learn how to use the occasions of their lives as a means of drawing closer to Allah.
  • It is a General Level course. There are no prerequisites required to successfully complete this course.
Learning outcomes:
  • Identify the occasions for ritual prayer
  • Perform each prayer in accordance with the rites applicable to it
  • Become more mindful of Allah in every situation in which we find ourselves
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