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This course is taught live in person at SeekersGuidance Canada (220 Britannia Rd E, Mississauga, ON -- full schedule of classes at www.seekersguidance.org/canada), and broadcast online weekly. 
Live on Saturdays at 12:00 PM ET.

Instructor: Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Level: Two

Course Overview

Who is Allah, and how do we know about Him; connect with Him; and draw closer to Him? The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) promised Paradise and Eternal Closeness to Allah through learning about Allah’s Names. He said, “Indeed, Allah has ninety-nine Names… whoever encompasses them will enter Paradise.” [Bukhari]

In this course, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani beautifully explains the meaning of the ninety-nine beautiful Names of Allah using the great classical commentaries on the 99 Names–including those of Imam Ghazali, Imam Qushayri, Imam Ibn Ajiba, Imam Zarruq, Imam Kafiyaji, and others.

Not only that, it explains how the beautiful names relate to God’s attributes which are detailed in the Science of Theology.

This course focuses on how each believer can:

(1) understand the meaning of the Names of Allah

(2) connect to Allah through each one of the Beautiful Names, and

(3) embody the implications of each of these names–qualities that make one beloved to Allah, and Each of the Names is explained in a manner that increases one’s awe, reverence, gratitude, and love for Allah.

Allah Most High has blessed the believers with greater means of knowing Him—through these Names—than any follower of any previous Revelation. This is a tremendous blessing.

We also see how the Beloved Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and grant him peace) embodied and exemplified what it means to be a true servant (‘abd) of the Lord with the Most Beautiful Names, Allah Most High.

About the Text

This course is based on many of the great commentaries on the 99 Names, including those of Imam Ghazali, Imam Qushayri, Imam Ibn Ajiba, Imam Ahmad Zarruq, Imam Kafiyaji, and others.

About the Author

Given the emphasis of the Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace) on the beautiful names of Allah, many scholars throughout Islamic history wrote great works on the 99 Names. This course is based on the commentaries of many of these scholars, each of which will be introduced during the course.

These scholars include Imam Ghazali, Imam Qushayri, Imam Ibn Ajiba, Imam Zarruq, Imam Kafiyaji, and others.

Who is this course For

• This course is for all ages, and backgrounds.

• It is a General Level course. No prerequisites are required to successfully complete this course.

• This is very useful for Islamic Studies students who have previously studied Islamic Beliefs (‘aqida), as it consolidates and builds upon their knowledge of that science–and shows them how to “apply” the knowledge of Islamic beliefs in their thought, reflection, understanding of reality, and in their devotion.

Learning Outcomes

• Understand the hadith of encompassing 99 names of Allah.

• Learn how the beautiful names of Allah relate to His attributes.

• Connect to Allah through His beautiful names.

• Increase in awe and reverence of Allah.

• Understand how to call upon Allah using His beautiful names.

Course Outline

Lesson One: Introduction and the Divine Name Allah

Lesson Two: The Divine Names Al-Rahman, Al-Rahim, Al-Malik, Al-Quddus

Lesson Three: The Divine Names Al-Salam, Al-Mu'min

Lesson Four: The Divine Names Al-Muhaymin, Al-Aziz

Lesson Five: The Divine Names Al-Jabbar, Al-Mutakkabir

Lesson Six: The Divine Names Al-Khaliq, Al-Bari, Al-Musawwir, Al-Ghaffar

Lesson Seven: The Divine Names Al-Qahhar, Al-Wahhab, Al-Razzaq

Lesson Eight: The Divine Names Al-Fattah, Al-Alim, Al-Qabid, Al-Basit

Lesson Nine: The Divine Names Al-Khafid, Al-Rafi', Al-Mu'izz, Al-Mudhill

Lesson Ten: The Divine Names Al-Sami', Al-Basir, A-Hakam, Al-'Adil, Al-Latif, Al-Khabir

Lesson Eleven: The Divine Names Al-Halim, Al-Ghafur, Al-Shakur, Al-Hafidh

Lesson Twelve: The Divine Names Al-Jalil, Al-Karim, Al-Raqib, Al-Mujib

Lesson Thirteen: The Divine Names Al-Wasi', Al-Hakim, Al-Wadud, Al-Majid

Lesson Fourteen: The Divine Names Al-'Ali, Al-Adhim, Al-Kabir, Al-Muta'ali

Lesson Fiffteen: The Divine Names Al-Ba'ith, Al-Shahid, Al-Haqq, Al-Wakil

Lesson Sixteen: The Divine Names Al-Qawi, Al-Matin, Al-Wali

Lesson Seventeen: The Divine Names Al-Muhsi, Al-Mubdi', Al-Mu'id, Al-Muhyi, Al-Mumit, Al-Hayy

Lesson Eighteen: The Divine Names Al-Qayyum, Al-Wajid, Al-Majid, Al-Wahid, Al-Ahad

Lesson Ninteen: The Divine Names Al-Samad, Al-Qadir, Al-Muqtadir, Al-Muqaddim, Al-Mu'akhkhir, Al-Awwal, Al-Akhir

Lesson Twenty: The Divine Names Al-Dhahir, Al-Batin, Al-Wali, Al-Barr, Al-Tawwab, Al-Muntaqim

Lesson Twenty One: The Divine Names Al-'Afuw, Al-Ra'uf, Al-Muqsit

Lesson Twenty Two: The Divine Names Al-Jami', Al-Ghani, Al-Mughni, Al-Mu'ti, Al-Mani, Al-Dar, Al-Nafi'

Lesson Twenty Three: The Divine Names Al-Badi', Al-Baqi, Al-Nur, Al-Hadi

Lesson Twenty Four: The Divine Names Al-Warith, Al-Rashid, Al-Sabur

Study Effort

Pre-requisites: None

About The Instructor

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani is a renowned scholar specializing in Islamic law and theology. He spent ten years studying with some of the leading scholars of recent times, first in Damascus, and then in Amman, Jordan. In 2007 he founded SeekersGuidance: The Global Islamic Seminary. Since 2011, Shaykh Faraz has been named one of the world’s 500 most influential Muslims by the Royal Islamic Strategic Centre. He currently teaches courses in Islamic beliefs, Hanafi law, and Prophetic guidance.

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