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This On-Dmeand course explores the most important concepts that every Muslim should understand about “giving” for the sake of Allah.

Allah, Most High mentions charity (sadaqa) in the Quran: "If you do deeds of charity openly, it is well; but if you bestow it upon the needy in secret, it will be even better for you, and it will atone for some of your bad deeds. And God is aware of all that you do." (Quran 2:271)

When you give for the sake of Allah, it is of immense benefit to you. Our esteemed teachers explain that giving is more for the giver than it is for the receiver.

Shaykh Irshaad Sedick, Shaykh Muhammad Carr, and Dr. Yousuf Patel demonstrate how giving and receiving are a means of worship. They use excerpts from the Ihya Ulum Al-Din by Imam Ghazali and another text compiled by Shaykh Muhammad Carr.

The main objective of this course is to connect to Allah through giving. It clarifies the relationship between Economics and Spirituality in Islam.
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Who is this course for:

  • This course is for adults.
  • It is particularly beneficial for those who want to understand their socio-financial responsibilities.
  • It is a General Level course. No prerequisites are required to successfully complete this course.
  • This course can also be taken by anyone who is interested in learning about how money and economics are connected to spirituality in Islam.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how to connect to Allah through giving.
  • Realize how receiving and giving are a means of worship.
  • Learn the etiquettes of giving and receiving for the sake of God.
  • Appreciate the importance of being charitable and know how to develop charitable hearts.

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