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Running a business ethically and in accordance with Islamic principles is a fundamental concern for Muslims in the modern world. To address this important topic, we are pleased to present the On-Demand course "Running a Business Islamically: A Practical Guide," facilitated by renowned Islamic scholar Shaykh Faraz Rabbani.

This course aims to equip entrepreneurs, business owners, and aspiring professionals with the knowledge and insights necessary to conduct their business endeavors in a manner that aligns with Islamic values.

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani shares his profound knowledge and expertise to empower you to run your business in accordance with the teachings of Islam. Enroll now to explore the practical steps necessary to achieve both material success and spiritual fulfillment in the world of business.

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Who is this course for:

  • This course is suitable for anyone interested in understanding and implementing Islamic principles in their business ventures.
  • It is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and individuals seeking to establish ethical business practices rooted in Islamic values.
  • It is a General Level course. There are no prerequisites required to successfully complete this course.
Learning outcomes:

  • Understand Islamic ethics in business.
  • Incorporate Islamic Values in Business Operations.
  • Understand Financial Transactions in Light of Islamic Law.
  • Apply Social Responsibility and Ethical Investing.
  • Learn Practical Tips for Entrepreneurs.
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