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Updates To The Learning Portal And What's To Come

Updates To The Learning Portal And What's To Come

by Sadia Qaderi -
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Assalamu Alaikum Dear Student,

We have recently upgraded our Learning Management System theme for a better user experience and increased overall efficiency.
This upgrade is part of our commitment to working towards excellence in offering you a world-class Islamic Education.

Click here to learn more and get the most out of these learning portal updates.

This serves as the beginning of our multi-phase revamp project of our entire website and learning management system.
As such, we've created a LaunchGood campaign to raise the necessary funds for the tremendous work that lies ahead

Because you are our main priority -- as a student of Islamic knowledge -- this campaign is all about you.

Our aim is to give you a world-class experience where you can:
- Set up your bespoke learning journey through our structured learning streams
- Plan your journey with immersive & interactive learning activities
- Connect with inspiring and like-hearted students of knowledge globally
- Seek personalized mentorship from your qualified teachers on your learning path

On this blessed Friday, in the sacred month of Rajab, we ask you to donate your ongoing charity to this great cause.
Click here to Donate Now.

Whatever amount you can offer will contribute greatly to this platform that benefits you and thousands of dedicated students.
Contribute to the success of this project by sharing this campaign with your friends and family.

We're counting on you to create the best Islamic online learning experience for all Muslims globally, for free.

With heartfelt duas,

- SeekersGuidance Academy and Development Team