SeekersGuidance Launchgood campaign

SeekersGuidance Launchgood campaign

by Academy Manager -
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Assalamu alaikum dear students,

I pray you are doing well.
As you may be aware, the current  SeekersGuidance Launchgood campaign is to help offer you a truly world-class learning experience and we have only a few hours left to hit our intended target.

We have less than 9 hours left to raise the remaining $5,000 needed to revamp our website and learning platform and establish a student-mentorship program catered for every single person’s learning path.
As our campaign is purely dedicated to you and the enhancement of your learning journey, we ask you to please consider supporting it with whatever is within your capacity:!/

Your donation will enable millions of seekers like yourself to benefit from Islamic courses delivered at the highest level of quality. This is an incredible opportunity for a sadaqa jariya that will help future generations connect to their Lord with beauty and excellence.

With deep appreciation,

SeekersGuidance's Development Team