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“The lack of reliance upon Allah is a consequence of a lack or certitude in the oneness of Allah, or a heedlessness of what the implications of divine oneness are.” – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani. The slightest of breezes can put out the smallest flicker of a flame, yet the strongest of winds only succeed in strengthening a raging fire. Belief in the Unity of Allah is akin to a seed which has the potential to grow and spread its roots as the mightiest Redwood trees do. The fruit which emerges is an undaunted reliance in Allah, and – more importantly – being beloved to Allah. When a believer realises that Allah alone is in charge of everything, that He alone controls everything, he is able to hand his affair over to Allah. He is able to relax, knowing someone infinitely more capable is taking care of matters for Him. He is able to wholeheartedly rely on Allah. “And whoever relies on Allah completely – He is more than enough for him.” (65:3). This course provides a deep understanding of Tawhid and how it relates to the fact that none can benefit or harm except Allah. From this the proper attitude to facing challenges becomes clear; and the most beneficial approach to dealing with “means,” such as medicine for illness, is also skillfully explained. Shaykh Faraz Rabbani masterfully unpacks the deep wisdom Imam al-Ghazali placed in his book, and provides practical steps to realizing the words of Ibrahim, peace and blessing be upon him, when he was flung into the fire: “Allah is enough for me, and what an excellent custodian He is!”
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