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“If you did not sin Allah would have got rid of you and created people who sinned and then asked Allah for forgiveness, and then forgiven them.” (Muslim)

As humans, we are prone to mistakes. Allah, out of His pure generosity, has given us the means to benefit even after we sin: asking for forgiveness.

If we ask with sincerity Allah forgives our sins no matter how great or how many they are. But not all words of asking for forgiveness are equal. The Messenger of Allah taught us the foremost formula of asking Allah for forgiveness. Within it is a recognition of Allah’s power, mercy, the primordial pledge, a recognition of His blessings, one’s faults, and that none can actually forgive except Allah.

In this series, Shaykh Muhammad Abu Bakr Ba-Dhib explains this beautiful supplication of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him), and the topic of asking for forgiveness as a whole. The lessons are based on the book The Healing of Hearts and Eyesight in the Exposition of the Knowledges Contained in The Foremost Formula of Seeking Forgiveness, by Imam Ahmad ibn Zayn al-Habashi, which Shaykh Muhammad has produced a critical edition of.

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Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Realize the mercy of Allah and increase in reverent awe towards Him.
  • Memorize the foremost formula for seeking forgiveness.
  • Understand the meanings and significance of the words of Sayyid al-istighfar.

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