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You want a shortcut to Paradise? The Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, promised Paradise for something very simple: “Indeed, Allah has Ninety-Nine particular Names – one hundred minus one – whoever encompasses them will enter the Garden.” (Bukhari)

In this course, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani beautifully explains the meaning of the above hadith, its implications, and the meanings of the Ninety-Nine beautiful names of Allah. Not only that, it explains how the beautiful names relate to God’s attributes which are detailed in the Science of Theology. And it focuses on how each believer can (1) connect to Allah through each one of the beautiful names, and (2) how he can embody the implications of each of these names – qualities that makes one beloved to Allah.

Each of the names is explained in a manner that increases one’s awe, reverence, and love for Allah – ultimately allowing the Muslim to know more about God than any follower of any other religion, and to imbue that knowledge into the practice of the way of the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace.

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Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the hadith of encompassing 99 names of Allah.
  • Learn how the beautiful names of Allah relate to His attributes.
  • Connect to Allah through His beautiful names.
  • Increase in awe and reverence of Allah.
  • Understand how to call upon Allah using His beautiful names.
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