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Instructor: Habib Umar bin Hafiz & Shaykh Ahmad Saad al-Azhari & Imam Zaid Shakir

Course Overview

“Whoever remembers Allah abundantly in Ramadan will be forgiven.” – Imam Zaid Shakir. In Ramadan, there are so many opportunities to be forgiven and to become closer to Allah that one does not know where to start. Many people do not realize what is on offer, and so they miss out on the blessings of this tremendous month.

This course contains the distilled wisdom and advice of many leading scholars who show just how one can become beloved to Allah in this month. The advice touches on how best to prepare for Ramadan; the virtues of fasting; how to best spend the days and nights of Ramadan; what the fast of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was like; the states of those beloved to Allah; finding Allah through fasting; turning back to Allah; the recital of the Qurʾan, and much more. This course is a comprehensive approach to getting the most out of Ramadan in its inward and outward aspects.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

• Understand how to prepare for Ramadan spiritually.

• Appreciate the tremendous blessings of the month of Ramadan.

• Describe the fast of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him).

• Explain how to spend the days and nights of Ramadan.

• Understand how to find Allah through fasting.

• Summarize the virtues of fasting.

About the Instructors

Habib Umar Bin Hafiz is a 39th-generation direct descendant of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him), through Imam Husayn and ‘Ali Zayn al-’Abidin. Born in Tarim, in Yemen’s Hadramawt Valley, in 1383 AH (1963 CE), he has become one of the leading scholars, teachers, and renewers of the Islamic tradition in our time. After traveling to different parts of the Muslim world, Habib Umar returned to his home city of Tarim. He immediately began to revive the religious life of the region, and his work led to the establishment of Dar al-Mustafa in 1414 AH (1994 CE). Habib Umar has authored many works. Some of them are: al-Dhakirah al-Musharrafah, which contains personally obligatory knowledge for every Muslim, as well as beneficial supplication; The Clarification of Noble Character, a series of 30 lessons on character refinement; Khulasat al-Madad al-Nabawi, a compilation of adhkar for the seeker to recite on a daily basis, containing Prophetic invocations and the litanies of many of the great Imams

Shaykh Ahmad Saad Al-Azhari is a graduate of Al Azhar University. He studied traditional Islamic sciences at the hands of senior scholars and specialists in Egypt, the most notable of whom are his late father Shaykh Muhammad Saad, Habib Abu Bakr Al-Adni bin Ali Al-Mashhur, and the Grand Mufti of Egypt Sheikh Ali Gom’ah. He memorized the Qur’an at the age of ten and also memorized various Hadith and Arabic books. He holds one of the highest chains in the narration of Hafs from Asim. He also holds numerous ijazas in books of hadith, Shafi'i and Maliki Fiqh, and other sciences. Shaykh Ahmad Saad loves poetry and writes it frequently, mainly in Arabic and sometimes in English.

Imam Zaid Shakir is a co-founder, and senior Faculty Member of Zaytuna College located in Berkeley, CA. He is amongst the most respected and influential Islamic scholars in the West. As an American Muslim who came of age during the civil rights struggles, he has brought both sensitivity about race and poverty issues and scholarly discipline to his faith-based work. Born in Berkeley, California, he accepted Islam in 1977 while serving in the United States Air Force. He obtained a BA with honors in International Relations at American University in Washington D.C. and later earned his MA in Political Science at Rutgers University. He has taught courses in Arabic, Islamic spirituality, contemporary Muslim thought, Islamic history and politics, and Shafi’i fiqh. He speaks and writes on a wide range of topics, and he travels frequently across the United States to support institution-building projects in the Muslim community.

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What You Will Learn:

  • Distinguish between true religious knowledge that is beneficial and ostensibly religious knowledge that is not
  • Identify instances of the sins of the limbs (particularly those of the tongue)
  • Identify instances of the sins of the heart
  • Complete a regimen of protecting your tongue from sin
  • Improve your character with your teachers, relatives, friends, and strangers
  • Appreciate the spiritual value of good company

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