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Shaykh Faraz Rabbani covers an in-depth explanation of several of the verses from the Qur’an that begin with “O you who believe.

These “Calls to the Believers” all contain central guidance from Allah that we have been commanded to pay particular attention to.

Shaykh Faraz shares the depth, beauty, and nuance of these verses—as a means of getting closer to Allah with urgency and immediacy.

The explanation is based on “Call to the Believers in the Clear Qur’an” by Shaykh Ahmed Fath’ullah Jami, and classical commentaries

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Learning outcomes:

Students who take this course will

  • Learn how to submit to the various calls in the Qur’an
  • Understanding that the believers are in complete slavehood to Allah
  • Come to know that there are particular matters Allah has emphasized in the Qur’an

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