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This course discusses common aspects of our daily life in the light of the Sacred law. Guidelines are given shedding light on what is permissible, what is prohibited, as well as the Prophetic guidance that brings meaning to our lives facilitating for us to draw nearer to Allah Most High and attain success in this world and the next.

As Muslims, our purpose in life is to seek the pleasure of Allah Most High. This purpose is oft-understood as being restricted to acts of worship and abstaining from the prohibited. However, the pleasure of Allah Most High can be sought and obtained in every aspect of our lives. That is if we know the limits of Allah Most High in it. Therefore, with clarity of the limits of Allah Most High in each matter, we have a road map to attaining Allah’s pleasure.

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Skill Level: Beginner
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Learning outcomes:

  • A basic understanding of the rulings of each topic discussed
  • Practical guidance on how to prevent or deal with testing situations
  • Prophetic instruction on how to draw near to Allah Most High in our daily activities.
  • Attaining the pleasure of Allah in everything we do.

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