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In this course, we will read and understand a wide selection of the prophetic hadiths intended to soften the heart from Imam al-Tabrizi's Mishkat al Masaheeb, under the chapter Kitab al Riqaq, the Book of the Heart Softeners.

We intend to implement the import of the hadiths to help in changing our attitude and outlook towards the world and to remove heedlessness of Allah.

We hope to lift our gazes towards our inevitable passing and the everlasting Hereafter, and allowing that to condition how we interact and behave in this worldly life with ourselves and others,  and most importantly, with Allah Himself.

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Total Lesson: 52
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Skill Level: Beginner
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Learning outcomes:
  • a guided reading of Hadith and an introduction to the genre of Hadith collections
  • Understanding how Hadith commentaries work on multiple levels
  • Familiarizing oneself with hadith 
  •  understanding how chapter subheadings are used
  •  Reading for understanding, then reflection, then implementation, and finally, changing character and spiritual outlook.
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