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Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said offers guidance on upholding one’s faith and nurturing it. He will equip us with fundamental tools and guidelines to address some of the main challenges and concerns we as Muslims in the West are encountering.

Shaykh Faid explains why it is important to uphold mercy and justice with all of Allah’s creation. He gives examples of how the companions tolerated trials and turned to Allah in all situations--remaining firm and embracing the massive tests they faced. He also offers guidance on how connecting to the Qur’an will enable one to increase in faith.

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Total Lesson: 3
Number of hours: 2
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Skill Level: Beginner
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Learning outcomes:
  • How to nurture faith in trying times
  • Only complaining to Allah about one’s state
  • Learning from the righteous of the past and the companions
  • Learn how to connect with the Qur’an in trying times

Self enrolment AUTO (Student)