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From childhood, we are often enthralled with great real stories of the past, with the astounding mystery they bring, from a time period no longer familiar to people. This especially holds true for the lives of the Prophets of God, as these extraordinary men exemplified great virtues and courage as they called people to the oneness of God.

Through these magnificent stories of the prophets (upon them be peace), we learn how these prominent leaders dealt with similar or more severe challenges that we face, and what the outcome was for them when they had Allah on their side. Such stories provide us with examples of real people who were tested in various ways, and the lessons we should take away for our lives when we are tested in the same way, even if it not to the same degree. Join us Wednesday evenings as Shaykh Faraz Rabbani beautifully explores some of the stories of their Qurʾan and their timeless lessons.

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Learning outcomes:

  • Reiterate the stories of the Prophets of God.
  • Realize that the prophets (peace and blessings be upon them) were real people who were tested in various ways.
  • Understand the lessons and wisdom from the stories.
  • Apply the valuable lessons to their own lives.

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