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This seminar broadly covers the sciences of logic and dialectic, as well as the etiquette of reading various works of literature. This is important for anyone embarking upon studying sacred knowledge because logic and dialectic are tools that scholars use to approach and analyze the Islamic sciences.

The key learning outcomes of this seminar include an in depth look at the science of logic from the Islamic tradition in comparison to the Western tradition. It looks at the basic operations of the mind as well as the primary questions that the science of logic allows us to answer. This is followed by an expounding of the science of dialectic, taking a look at how logic is used in the discourse of scholars. This includes a brief look at the formalities and general rules of formal Islamic debate.

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Learning outcomes:

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Define logic and understand its purpose.
  • Explain the logic of the Islamic tradition including Tasawwur and Tasdiq.
  • Summarize the modes of applying logic.
  • Understand how reasoning, propositions, syllogisms, and inductive logic are used in the discourse of scholars.

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