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This seminar begins by clarifying the role and importance of metaphysics in the philosophy of the natural sciences. It defines and deconstructs the two main philosophies of the natural sciences that have gained traction in academia. It then goes into the issues of ethics in light of these modern theories and the traditional Islamic perspective of the philosophy of nature. The seminar concludes with descriptions of the true nature of the cosmos as described by the scholars of Islam and a brief look at the knowledge of God. 

This course demonstrates the importance of looking beyond the one-track, narrow perspective of viewing the cosmos as one-dimensional (modern theories), and instead of viewing it as a multi-dimensional creation of God (Islamic tradition). It serves as a reminder for Muslims that the world is not a meaningless speck of dust as reductionism would have us believe, rather it is alive and full of spiritual meaning for the person aware of Allah.

The key learning outcomes of this course are understanding the flaws of modern philosophies of nature and understanding the wisdom behind the Islamic perspective. Recognizing the importance of metaphysics and the subject matter it deals with. Understanding the first principles of ethics and the positive outcomes that arise from the Islamic perspective. Getting a glimpse of the true reality of creation, the degrees of existence, the Haqiqa Muhammadiyya, and knowledge of Allah.

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Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding distinctions between scientific methods and theories
  • Understanding the study of metaphysics and its subject matter
  • Understanding the relationship between the natural sciences and ethics
  • Understanding the Islamic perspective of other dimensions of reality

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