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Level: General

Instructor: Shaykh Abdul-Rahim Reasat

Course Overview

This course involves a comprehensive study of the Qur’an, its themes, messages, rhetorical features and philosophical nuances—all based upon the authoritative tafsirs of our tradition. It sufficiently equips general audiences and students of knowledge alike with a thorough grasp and firm foundation in Qur’an studies.

Each thirty-minute class covers approximately half a page of the Qur’an, allowing students to follow along and catch up on missed lessons easily. These classes will build upon one another, demonstrating the general themes of each sura and explaining each verse in light of them.

The preservation of the rich tradition of Qur’anic understanding is of utmost importance for Muslims. By completing this course, students will take part in this significant tradition by preserving the meanings of the Qur’an within their hearts.

The Seeker’s Complete Qur’an Tafsir will be primarily based on :

‘Tafsir Abi al-Su’ud,” by Shaykh al Islam Abu al-Su’ud al ‘Imadi, and “Al-Tafsir al-Wasit,” by Shaykh al Azhar, Muhammad Sayyid Tanwati

About the Author

Shaykh al-Islam Abu al-Su‘ud al ‘Imadi was the 16th century Ottoman Supreme Judge, Mufti and Qur’anic exegete. He worked closely with Sultan Sulieman “The Magnificent” to play an important political role for the Muslims of his time and a critical religious function in preserving the Islamic tradition.

Shaykh al-Azhar Muhammad Sayyid Tanwati was a contemporary scholar who recently passed away in 2010. He was a Qur'anic exegete, the Grand Mufti of Egypt and the Grand Shaykh of Al-Azhar University. He helped clarify the Islamic legal positions of the many contemporary issues that arose due to technological advances and the rapid changing of the world. He is also the author of a 7000-page exegesis of the Qur'an—a significant work in helping preserve the Islamic tradition for the future generations of Muslims.

About the Text

The Seeker’s Complete Qur’an Tafsir will be primarily based on a classical and a contemporary work:

• ‘‘Tafsir Abi al-Su’ud,” by Shaykh al Islam Abu al-Su’ud al ‘Imadi, the great Ottoman Judge, Mufti, and Mufassir. This work is authoritative in the science of tafsir. It was built upon the greatest tasfirs that came before it and had an undeniably strong influence on those which came after it.

• “Al-Tafsir al-Wasit,” by Shaykh al Azhar, Muhammad Sayyid Tanwati, the Grand Mufti of Egypt. This tafsir was written over ten years and is based on some of the most influential works in this science, including the tafsirs of Tabari, Qurtubi, Ibn Kathir, and Alusi. It summarises many of the nuanced and detailed discussions found in other works.

Learning Outcomes

• Understand the general theme of each sura.

• Identify the main hadiths related to each sura.

• Understand the broad verse-by-verse meanings of each sura.

• Implement the virtuous acts mentioned in each sura.

• Distinguish some linguistic nuance and theological points of a few suras.

• Understand the common misconceptions of some suras

• Describe the qualities of the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and give Him peace) and how they relate to the Qur’an.

About the Instructor

Shaykh Abdul-Rahim Reasat began his studies in Arabic Grammar and Morphology in 2005. After graduating with a degree in English and History he moved to Damascus in 2007 where, for 18 months, he studied with erudite scholars such as Shaykh Adnan Darwish, Shaykh Abdurrahman Arjan, Shaykh Hussain Darwish, and Shaykh Muhammad Darwish.

In late 2008 he moved to Amman, Jordan, where he continued his studies for the next six years in Sacred Law (fiqh), legal theory (usul al-fiqh), theology, hadith methodology, hadith commentary, and Logic with teachers such as Dr. Ashraf Muneeb, Dr. Salah Abu’l-Hajj, Dr. Hamza al-Bakri, Shaykh Ahmad Hasanat, Dr. Mansur Abu Zina, and others. He was also given licenses of mastery in the science of Qur’anic recital by Shakh Samir Jabir and Shaykh Yahya Qandil.

His true passion, however, arose in the presence of Shaykh Ali Hani, considered by many to be one of the foremost tafsir scholars of our time who provided him with the keys to the vast knowledge of the Quran. With Shaykh Ali, he was able to study an extensive curriculum of Qur’anic sciences, tafsir, Arabic grammar, and Arabic eloquence.

When he finally left Jordan for the UK in 2014, Shaykh Ali gave him his distinct blessing and still recommends students in the UK to seek out Shaykh Abdul-Rahim for Quranic studies. Since his return, he has trained as a therapist and has helped a number of people overcome emotional and psychosomatic issues. He is a keen promoter of emotional and mental health.

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What You Will Learn:

  • Distinguish between true religious knowledge that is beneficial and ostensibly religious knowledge that is not
  • Identify instances of the sins of the limbs (particularly those of the tongue)
  • Identify instances of the sins of the heart
  • Complete a regimen of protecting your tongue from sin
  • Improve your character with your teachers, relatives, friends, and strangers
  • Appreciate the spiritual value of good company

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