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The Islamic faith is not unfamiliar to tests and tribulations. Our Master Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) endured great trials and sorrow during his lifetime. The Quran makes reference to dealing with hardship. Many of us face challenges in life that deeply affect our mental, physical, and spiritual state. For those seeking inner peace and healing, assistance is available.

In this workshop, Dr. Asim Yusuf covers how to manage depression and other mental health challenges according to an Islamic perspective. Students will learn to understand the signs of depression, as well as practical steps to overcome it.

Amr Hashim discusses the role of patience in tribulation, and how one can draw strength from this important attribute.

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Learning outcomes:
  • Understand depression and how to identify it
  • Learn the Western approach and apply an Islamic perspective
  • Understand the role of therapy
  • Apply strategies from traditional doctor and scholar, Abu Zayd al-Balkhi
  • Analyze and apply healing strategies from notable scholar Imam Ghazali
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