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This class is based primarily on a famous text that teaches young Muslims how to control their tongue from that which is unlawful in speech. Identifying and learning what they are is an individual obligation upon every Muslim. These include, for example, lying, backbiting, talebearing, and many more. Controlling the tongue from the prohibited is one of the crucial characteristics of a person who yearns to enter Paradise.

This course is essential in the spiritual development of an individual. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) has attached the importance of speaking 'that which is good' to belief in God and the last day. Therefore, it is incumbent to learn them so thereby a person can safeguard themselves from the pitfalls of the tongue.

This class helps address an essential element in our lives which is our relationship with others. We often find that most of the fights between friends, families, spouses are all a result of the harm caused by the tongue. If one can improve their speech with kind and gentle words rather than harsh and destructive speech, we will see a significant change in our lives and those around us.

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About the text:

Prohibitions of the Tongue is a didactic poem composed by the great Mauritanian sage Muhammad Mawlud. It is considered a reliable and excellent text that is clear and precise.

About the Author:

Muhammad Mawlud was a great scholar of West Africa and a master of the sciences of Islam. His books are recognized to be very accessible and full of knowledge and wisdom.

Who is this course for:

  • A student should have a general understanding of Islamic spirituality.  
  • This course is specially designed for youth age 12-17 years. 
  • It is a level three course in the youth curriculum and a student should have taken few courses in the level one and two of the youth curriculum before taking this course. 
  • This course can be taken by anyone who is interested in knowing the halal and haram of speech.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gaining a firm understanding of the pitfalls of the tongue
  • Strengthening our good deeds by controlling our speech
  • Bettering our relationship with others by learning not to harm others with our tongue.
  • Gaining nearness to Allah and His Messenger

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