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Level: One

Instructor: Shaykh Muhammad Carr

Course Overview 

Do you want to worship Allah confidently? Take this course to get comprehensive and knowledge-based answers to all the questions that you are likely to face in your worship of Allah Most High.

This is a Level One course in Shafi`i school of jurisprudence in the Islamic Studies Curriculum. This course is beneficial for anyone seeking to rectify their ritual acts of devotion to Allah.

This course empowers you to fulfill your ritual acts of worship confidently and provides a basic, yet comprehensive breakdown of worship. It focuses on the detailed rules of purification, prayer, funeral rites, zakat, fasting, spiritual retreat (i`tikaf), pilgrimage (Hajj), trade, and marriage. An outcome of the course is to memorize the text. Its bite size allows for easy memorization.

This indispensable primer text also serves as the ideal platform for further studies. The Short Abridgement was authored by the great Yemeni Shaykh Abdullah Ba Fadl (d. 918 A.H. / 1512 C.E.), whose works have been taught for centuries in traditional institutions all over the world.

About the Text

The Mukhtasar al-Saghir (Short Abridgment) is an indispensable text taught the world over. It is regarded as foundational for every Shafi`i student. The short abridgment regarding that which is absolutely essential to know for every Muslim in the ritual acts of devotion.

The text covers the rules of purification, prayer, fasting, zakat, and hajj, according to the Shafi`i school, along with a brief introduction to the rules of trade, marriage, and divorce.

The main investigation (area of study) is to expose students to a basic yet comprehensive fiqh text that covers all the ritual acts of worship and the very basics of Islamic Contract Law.

About the Author

The book was authored by the great Yemeni Shaykh Abdullah Ba Fadl (d. 918 A.H. / 1512 C.E.). An erudite scholar, Ba Fadl is significant to the course being taught because Tafaqquh (understanding) is developed through reading and understanding the works of the likes of Ba Fadl that possess understanding.

Ba Fadl is mainly known for his works on fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence). Ba Fadl authored many works of which 12 are listed in the introduction of the Bayan. The most well-known is the Muqaddima al-Hadramiyya. He has also authored: Mansak al-Hajj (Rites of Pilgrimage), Risala al-Falak ( A treatise in astronomy), and Majmu al-Fatawa (Collection of Fatawa) amongst others.

Other than being an erudite scholar, he was always benefitting students and striving to fulfill the needs of the Muslims. As a result, he was much loved and sanctified by the leaders and populace alike. Ba Fadl truly epitomized Islamic scholarship by worshipping Allah and serving His creation.

Who is This Course For?

• This is the second course in Level One.

• Before taking this course, take The Absolute Essentials of Islam (Shafi‘i).

• Take this course before taking any course in Level Two.

Study Effort

• 1 Hour of Lecture Weekly (attending the live classes).

• 1 Hour of Self Study (reading and reviewing the content).

• 30 Minutes for doing the quizzes.

Learning Outcomes

• Understand slave-hood to Allah Most High and why it is important.

• Learn the rules of purification and prayer that you are likely to encounter in your daily life.

• Memorize the most important rules of wudu and ghusl, prayer, zakat, fasting, hajj, and contracts.

• Appreciate the rigor of the science of Sacred Law (fiqh).

Course Outline 

Lesson 1 -   Introduction

  • Biography of Imam Abdullah Ba Fadl
  • The Text: Al Mukhtasar al Saghir
  • Author’s Introduction
  • Wudu – Integrals
  • Wudu – Sunan
  • Wudu – Nullifiers
  • Wiping over the Khuffs
  • What is prohibited in ritual impurity

Lesson 2 - Purification 

  • Etiquettes of relieving oneself
  • Cleaning oneself – al Istinja’
  • Ghusl – Reasons
  • Ghusl – Integrals
  • Ghusl – Sunan
  • Conditions of purification from ritual impurity

Lesson 3 - Impurities 

  • Water and Impurities
  • Impurities
  • That which can be purified and that which cannot be purified

Lesson 4 - Tayammum 

  • Tayammum – Integrals
  • Tayammum – Conditions
  • Tayammum – Wounds and bandages

Lesson 5 - Women's Purification 

  • Menstruation
  • Lochia
  • Istihada
  • Prohibitions during Menstruation and Lochia

Lesson 6 - Prayer Times  

  • Prayer – Times of prayer
  • Prayer – Prohibited times

Lesson 7 - Prayers, Rules and Conditions

  • Prayer – Obligation to pray
  • Prayer – Conditions
  • Prayer – Excused Impurities

Lesson 8 - Prayers Sunan 

  • Prayer – Integrals
  • Prayer – Sunan

Lesson 9 - Prayer Nullifier

  • Prayer – Nullifiers

Lesson 10 - The Prostration of Forgetfulness & Recitation

  • The Prostration of Forgetfulness
  • The Prostration of Recitation

Lesson 11 - Prayers

  • Those whom it is invalid to pray behind (The Imam)
  • Conditions of the congregational prayer
  • The Traveller’s prayer

Lesson 12 - Jumuah prayer

  • The Friday Prayer – The Obligation to Attend
  • The Friday Prayer – Conditions
  • The Friday Prayer – Integrals of the Sermons
  • The Friday Prayer – Conditions of the Sermons

Lesson 13 - Funeral Rites:

  • Washing
  • Shrouding
  • The Funeral Prayer
  • Burial

Lesson 14 - Zakat:

  • Conditions
  • Types of Wealth that Zakat is due upon
  • Zakat on Livestock, Agriculture, Gold and Silver, Mines, Buried Treasure, Trade Goods

Lesson 15 - Zakat al Fitr:

  • Conditions
  • Times
  • Amount
  • Deserving Recipients

Lesson 16 - Fasting:

  • Sighting the Moon
  • Integrals
  • Prohibited Days
  • Conditions for fasting to be obligatory

Lesson 17 - Fasting:

  • Nullifiers
  • Exemptions

Lesson 18 - I’tikaf

  • • Conditions
  • • Integrals
  • • Nullifiers

Lesson 19 - Hajj and Umrah:

  • Those whom it is obligatory upon
  • Integrals of Hajj
  • Necessary acts of Hajj
  • Departing from Mina
  • Integrals of Umrah
  • Conditions and Integrals of the Tawaf
  • Conditions and Integrals of the Sa’i
  • Exiting from Ihram

Lesson 20 - Hajj and Umrah:

  • Prohibitions during Ihram

Lesson 21 - Buying and Selling:

  • Conditions and Integrals

Lesson 22 - Riba (interest):

  • Interest factors and Conditions

Lesson 23 - Cancellation of sales transactions:

  • Types of Cancellations
  • Defective Goods
  • Prohibited Sales

Lesson 24 - Marriage and Divorce:

  • Marriage: Conditions, Integrals, Sunnan
  • Divorce: Integrals and Types
  • Waiting Periods (‘Idda): Types, Duration, Prohibitions

About the Instructor

Shaykh Muhammad Carr has dedicated his life to studying and transmitting our beautiful faith. His studies have taken him around the globe, where he has benefitted from many luminaries. Under the guidance of his teachers - Shaykh Taha Karan, Shaykh Yaseen Abbas, Shaykh Muadh Ali, and many others - Shaykh Muhammad has grown to appreciate the beauty and benefits of diverse scholarship. He completed his memorization of the Quran at Dar al-Ulum Zakariyyah in September 1997 and received an Alimiyya Degree in 2006. He is also affiliated with Masjid Auwal in Bo Kaap, Cape Town (the oldest mosque in South Africa), where he serves as a co-imam, and Dar Al-Safa, where he has taught since 2018. As a teacher, he imparts the wisdom of our heritage and tradition by opening the door for students. As an Imam, he has the unique opportunity to serve his community in daily life. He continues to pursue traditional Islamic Sciences, possessing a keen interest in Islamic Contract Law and Finance. His contributions to SeekersGuidance are welcomed, as we strive to grow as righteous believers under the guidance of qualified scholars such as Shakyh Muhammad Carr.

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What You Will Learn:

  • Distinguish between true religious knowledge that is beneficial and ostensibly religious knowledge that is not
  • Identify instances of the sins of the limbs (particularly those of the tongue)
  • Identify instances of the sins of the heart
  • Complete a regimen of protecting your tongue from sin
  • Improve your character with your teachers, relatives, friends, and strangers
  • Appreciate the spiritual value of good company

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