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Do you ever feel unorganized or confused in trying to get close to Allah Most High? This course serves as a practical study in the science of drawing closer to Allah Most High (Ilm al-Suluk). It is based on the treatise, Good Manners of the Spiritual Disciple's Wayfaring (Suluk al-Murid) by Imam Haddad.

Take this course to not only understand the main duties required for the Muslim who hopes to draw closer to his Creator but also to ensure that one’s beginning is grounded and firm. This course will clarify the core terminology and concepts found in the larger books of Islamic Spirituality (Tasawwuf).

The Author, Imam Haddad, was known for his simple yet profound discourse. This course is a stepping stone to understanding the larger books in Islamic Spirituality such as Imam Ghazali’s Revival of the Religious Sciences and Imam Haddad’s The Book of Assistance.

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About the text:

The Treatise on the Good Manners of the Spiritual Disciple's Wayfaring or Adab Suluk al-Murid is a manual written for anyone who desires to return or draw closer to Allah Most High. It was written by the noble scholar and pillar of guidance, Imam Abdullah ibn Alawi al-Haddad. Imam Haddad composed this work in response to one of his students who requested summarized instruction in regards to the good manners required in drawing close to Allah Most High. Although it is short in size, this text offers both the beginning and advanced seeker practical advice and instruction. Every lesson can be applied in one’s life immediately.

About the Author:

Imam Abdullah ibn Alawi al-Haddad was born on the 5th of Safar 1044 AH. He died on the 7th of Dzulqa’dah 1132 AH.

The Imam was known for his immense concern for the Nation of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and his books reflect this. Imam Haddad was a scholar in all of the Islamic Sciences but well known for his renewal in the science of Islamic Spirituality & calling to Allah Most High (Dawa).

Some of the main works he authored are The Book of Assistance, The Lives of Man, The Book of Mutual Reminding, and A Diwan or Book of Poetry.

Who is this course for:
  • This course is for Adults and Young Adults.
  • It is particularly beneficial for all Muslims wanting to better themselves.
  • This course can also be taken by anyone who is interested in learning how to practically implement spiritual wayfaring in their life.
  • It is a General Level course. There are no prerequisites required to successfully complete this course.
Learning outcomes:
  • Articulate what it really means to draw close to Allah Most High.
  • Understand how to remain on the path to Allah Most High in all situations of life.
  • Memorize the terms and concepts found in larger books of Islamic Spirituality.
  • Analyze and Appreciate the various duties for the one who seeks their Creator.
  • Apply all the instructions found in the book immediately.
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