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This is a general reminder series in Ramadan. It will improve your understanding of Ramadan and the higher aims of fasting and reflection. It addresses many issues related to social life, beliefs, spiritual remedies, and practical solutions to many Muslims' problems. The higher objective of this course is to inspire you to learn and aspire for spiritual heights. Take this course to understand how to be a better Muslim. You will learn to balance faith with practice, spirituality to theology, and relevant connections.

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Skill Level: Beginner
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Who is this course for:
  • General audience
  • New Muslims
  • Youth
Learning outcomes:
  • Learn the deeper meanings of fasting in Islam
  • Delve deep into the spiritual teachings of Islam
  • Connect at a deeper meaning to the Quran
  • Establish a good practice of worship, reflection and learning
  • Become inspired to ascend in your practice of Islam
  • Be moved to hear noble reminders that move the heart into action
Self enrolment AUTO (Student)