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Trees are marvelous and full of wonderous signs of our Lord. Allah and His Messenger (Allah bless him and give him peace) use trees as a metaphor for faith, knowledge, uprightness, and being purposeful and beneficial believers.

In this On-Demand course, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani explains the key Quranic verse from Sura Ibrahim on the good tree, and the Prophet's Hadith (Allah bless him and give him peace) from Sahih Bukhari on the desert tree that most resembles the believer.

Allah Most High says, "Do you not see how Allah compares a good word to a good tree? Its roots are firm, and its branches reach the sky. It bears fruit in every season by the permission of its Lord. Truly, Allah sets forth parables for people so that they may take heed." (Quran, 14:24-25)

The rooted being is the believer that is imbued with faith. By taking this course, students will learn how to become genuinely purposeful seekers of knowledge and guidance. This knowledge will enable them to benefit Allah's creation, just as the good tree eventually produces beneficial fruit from its roots' strength.

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Who is this course for:
  • This course is for all ages.
  • It is particularly beneficial for students of knowledge.
  • It is a General Level course. No prerequisites are required to successfully complete this course.
Learning outcomes:
  • Understand what the good tree is.
  • Learn how the good tree relates to faith and knowledge.
  • Understand how the date palm tree compares to the believer.
  • Apply the lessons to root your faith in knowledge.
  • Gain the keys of fruitful service to Allah’s creation.
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