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The Prophet Muhammad (May Allah bless him and give him peace) said, “None of you truly believes until I am more beloved to him than his parent, his child, and all of mankind put together.” To fully love and embody the Prophet (May Allah bless him and give him peace), it’s essential to understand who he was.

Studying the Prophetic biography elevates our souls and reflects the teachings of the most benevolent teacher. Through this study, we refine our understanding of promoting truth and maintaining steadfastness in the face of the vicissitudes of time. It offers practical demonstrations of what to do and what not to do.

The course offers insights into leadership within an Islamic framework. The Sira teaches us how to unify people from diverse backgrounds, mend estranged hearts, perfect the art of equipage, and ultimately achieve success in all aspects of our lives.

This course is designed to introduce students to the Prophetic biography from birth to his demise, using the celebrated contemporary text Nur al-Yaqin by Shaykh Muhammad al-Khudari. This course is suited for beginners wishing to gain a basic yet comprehensive knowledge of the Prophetic biography. 

Over several weeks, students will explore key events in the life of the Prophet (May Allah bless him and give him peace), focusing on the social, commercial, religious, and stately roles that he exemplified.  Through close readings of Nur al-Yaqin, students will understand how to implement the Quran in their lives practically. 

Join me as we find solace in the Sira during these turbulent times.

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About the text:

It's a concise and vivid portrayal of the Sira, or biography, of the Master of Mankind, Muhammad (May Allah bless him and give him peace), chosen by his Lord to deliver the religion of Islam. His teachings radiated across the universe, guiding people from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge and understanding.

The author skillfully narrates this noble biography, contextualizing it with the developments of our time, ensuring that Muslims recognize Muhammad (May Allah bless him and give him peace) as a timeless exemplar.

The brilliance of this biography has endured since the inception of Islam. Scholars and imams continue to document it, employing various approaches diligently.

The author opts to present the biography of the noble Messenger (May Allah bless him and give him peace) in a straightforward manner, devoid of complexity, to benefit the wider Muslim community.

Hence, it serves as an accessible resource for both the masses and the scholarly community. Drawing from sources such as the Quran, the authentic Hadith collections of Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim, as well as esteemed works like "Shifa" by Qadi ‘Iyad, "al-Sira al-Halabiyya," "al-Mawahib al-Ladunniya" by Qastallani, and "Ihya Ulum al-Din" by Ghazali, this work stands as a comprehensive tribute to the Prophet’s life and teachings.

About the Author:

He is Muhammad ibn ‘Afifi al-Bajuri, popularly known as Shaykh Khudari Bak. He was a scholar of Sharia, literature, and Islamic history. He was born in Egypt in 1289/1872 and lived in Zaytun, a suburb of Cairo. He graduated from Madrasah Dar al-Ulum and surpassed his contemporaries as a scholar, researcher, orator, educator, and reformer. During his life, he was an Islamic judge in Khartoum, an educator in the Islamic Judicial School in Cairo for twelve years, a Professor in Islamic history at the University of Egypt (now named The University of Cairo), the Deputy-Head of the Islamic judicial school and an inspector for the Ministry of Education.

Who is this course for:

This course is primarily tailored for beginners with an interest in delving into the Prophetic biography. It welcomes both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, offering a platform to deepen their understanding of the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (May Allah bless him and give him peace).

Specifically designed to accommodate newcomers to the study of Islam, the course provides an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the subject. It's also well-suited for those interested in exploring leadership principles within an Islamic framework.

Moreover, the course aims to support individuals grappling with challenges to their faith, offering insights and inspiration drawn from the life of the Prophet (May Allah bless him and give him peace) to navigate through difficult times. 

Whether you're seeking foundational knowledge, leadership guidance, or spiritual upliftment, this course endeavors to cater to diverse needs and backgrounds

Learning outcomes:

  • Sublimation of the self through the study of the Prophetic biography 
  • Through this study, we refine our understanding of promoting truth and maintaining steadfastness in the face of the vicissitudes of time
  • Practical demonstration of how to live Quran.  
  • Leadership within an Islamic Paradigm. 
  • How to unite people from different backgrounds and attract estranged hearts. 
  • How to perfect the art of equipage. 
  • How to achieve victory
  • A source of comfort. 

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