Dr. Ali Al-Khouli obtained two Bachelor’s degrees, the first from the College of Islamic Call, specializing in Arabic language and Islamic studies, and the second from the University of Damascus, specializing in electrical power engineering, involving the design and implementation of an automated robot.

 He memorized The Holy Quran with Sheikh Shehadeh al-Qadri in Damascus, and he received an Ijaza (authorization to teach the memorization of the Holy Quran according to the narration of Hafs from Asim. He lived in Damascus until he was 33 years old and was appointed as an imam and preacher for many mosques. Then he joined Istanbul Aydin University in Turkey, where he completed a Master's degree in the Faculty of Education, specializing in teaching Arabic. After that, he pursued his doctorate at Marmara University, where he graduated with a specialization in preparing Arabic language teaching curricula. He lives with his family in Istanbul, Turkey. He is a professor of Arabic at Istanbul Aydin University and a Head of the Arabic language program at SeekersGuidance, and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Languages at Istanbul Aydin University and He is the editor-in-chief of the research journal "AYAD" in Türkiye.

He wrote many books that are taught in universities in Turkey, Including: "Basic Oral Expression" and "Contemporary Conversational Techniques." He has published several research papers in international refereed journals.