Shaykh Ahmed El Azhary  is a researcher in Islamic intellectual history and a teacher of Islamic traditional sciences. He’s currently a teacher of Hadith, Usul, Logic, and Kalam at Rawdatul-Naim under the supervision of Habib Ali al-Jifri; and at Madyafat Shaykh Ismail Sadiq al-Adawi (RA), a prominent learning center by al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo.

Shaykh Ahmed studied Anthropology at American University in Cairo and received his training in Leadership Communication from Tulane University and The University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is also a life-long learner. He holds a diversified portfolio of almost 50 certificates in a variety of subjects – extending from Teaching Character and Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People to Complexity Theory, Model Thinking, and Conflict Analysis.

Shaykh Ahmed began his journey of studying traditional sciences about 20 years ago. In addition to studying with scholars from al-Azhar, he had the privilege of studying with visiting scholars from Algeria and India in a one-on-one format and was thus given an exceptional opportunity to study and discuss various advanced-level texts, over a long period of time. Shaykh Ahmed has more than 70 Ijazas from scholars from all over the Muslim world.

Besides a number of forthcoming edited works in Islamic pedagogy, linguistics, and Hanafi Usul, Shaykh Ahmed has authored ‘Ruh al-`Ilm’ – a treatise in the art of scientific investigation, based on a survey of roughly 200 traditional Islamic texts. This work has been endorsed by Dr. Jamal Faraq, the Dean of Islamic Da`wah College at al-Azhar University, and Dr. Ahmed Mamduh, the Chair of the Division of Research at Dar al-Iftaa’ al-Masriyah. 

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