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In a rapidly changing world, parenting challenges have taken on new dimensions, requiring a comprehensive understanding of traditional wisdom and modern realities. The "Parenting - Navigating the Stormy Seas of the Modern World" seminar offered by Seekers Guidance provides a thoughtful and enlightening exploration of the intricacies of contemporary parenting, drawing from Islamic teachings and practical insights to guide parents through the challenges they face.

In this seminar, we delve into the complexities of raising children in the modern era while staying true to the values and teachings of Islam. Our expert instructors will combine traditional Islamic principles with contemporary psychological and sociological perspectives to provide a holistic approach to effective parenting.

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Who is this course for:

This seminar is designed for parents, caregivers, and anyone interested in enhancing their understanding of modern parenting within an Islamic framework. Whether you are a new parent or have years of experience, this seminar will provide valuable insights and tools to navigate the complexities of raising children in today's world.

Join us for the "Parenting - Navigating the Stormy Seas of the Modern World" seminar, and empower yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate parenting challenges while nurturing a solid Islamic foundation for your children.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding Modern Challenges: Explore the unique challenges that modern parents encounter, including the impact of technology, peer pressure, cultural influences, and shifting family dynamics.
  • Communication Strategies: Discover effective communication techniques to bridge the generation gap, maintain open dialogues, and foster solid parent-child relationships based on trust and understanding.
  • Digital Age Parenting: Gain insights into managing screen time, guiding children's online interactions, and using technology for learning and development while safeguarding their emotional and mental well-being.
  • Instilling Islamic Identity: Learn how to cultivate a robust Islamic identity in your children, equipping them with the tools to navigate their faith amidst cultural diversity and secular influences.
  • Positive Discipline and Behavioural Guidance: Explore the principles of positive discipline rooted in Islamic ethics, and develop strategies to address behavioural challenges while nurturing emotional intelligence and empathy.
  • Education and Learning: Understand the importance of holistic education, incorporating secular knowledge and Islamic teachings, and explore ways to support your child's intellectual growth and spiritual development.
  • Community Support and Resources: Explore avenues for seeking community support, connecting with other parents, and accessing valuable resources to enhance your parenting journey.

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