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The Ajrumiyya is the first step in the formal study of Arabic grammar (nahw) for students of the Arabic language. It is a blessed and beneficial text, taught for centuries across the Muslim world. It has hundreds of commentaries. It is a short and clear yet comprehensive text. The class assumes the ability to understand basic Arabic, and to follow simple Arabic examples.

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About the text:

The Ajrumiyya has great importance in the history of Arabic grammar, especially as a teaching text. It made the core concepts of grammar (nahw) easier for beginning students. It serves as a time-tested first step in this noble science that is the key to understanding the Quran, Sunna, and Islamic sciences soundly.

About the Author:

This text was written seven hundred years ago by the Amazigh scholar and saint, Muhammad b. Muhammad al-Sinhaji, famous as Ibn Ajurrum (d. 723 AH / 1323 CE).

The secret of its popularity is frequently ascribed to the sincerity of its author. He wrote this text while sitting before the Ka‘ba. He tested his sincerity by casting it into the sea. Only when he saw it washed ashore with its writing intact did he begin teaching it to others. 

A translation of the Ajrumiyya is provided along with the course materials

Who is this course for:

  • Anyone seeking to begin the formal study of the Arabic language, after having basic to intermediate exposure to learning Arabic and having some basic ability to read and understand simple Arabic sentences.
  • This course is essential for students of Arabic grammar and of the Islamic sciences, as it provides a comprehensive yet clear introduction to the science of nahw.
  • This text is commonly memorized by students. It is encouraged that serious students memorize both the text and the definitions given.
Learning outcomes:

  • Describe what the science of Arabic grammar is and how it developed
  • Organize the rules of the Arabic language into structured map (this is how the Ajrumiyya is written)
  • Explain the key terms and questions of the science of Arabic grammar
  • Recognize the rules of Arabic grammar at work in authentic uses of the ancient Arabic language
  • Use the rules of Arabic grammar to analyze the ancient Arabic language
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